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Trending, Challenge and Chance in Fiberglass Industry



Though economic crisis still has its influence on the global market as a European market, we are pleased to notice that the European market, construction and new public facilities construction. The European FRP production had encountered with a dangerous slump. But in recent five years, the global composites industry is now experiencing its fifth year of successive growth, increasing by 2 percent to 1.1 million tons compared to the previous year.


The performance of Europe in the composites industry seems much better than before in both demand and capacity sectors. Transportation, construction, and pipe are three most important parts for glass fiber. Currently the demand in both transportation and construction industry is growing. Because of better properties of composites material, its demand will be a huge increase in the coming years. Compared to traditional materials, like steel, concrete and aluminum, composite materials, especially glass fiber reinforced products have superior performance on strength and stiffness. Meanwhile, the price of fiber glass reinforced materials is much more competitive than carbon fiber products.



However, for fiberglass products suppliers, they also need to focus on the following growth in the market: Innovative manufacturing technologies and robust supply chain. Both respects could reduce the cost. In terms of innovative manufacturing technologies, suppliers could look for ways to reduce cycle time or machines in the factory. Besides that, there are several chances for innovation in producing composites, such as trying different materials selection and hybridization. The more innovate technology suppliers try, the more chances they will grasp in this growing market.



Another one is to have a robust supply chain. The suppliers need to find out which way they could reduce the cost in the whole supply chain and logistics process. Transport, packaging, warehouse, or other aspects.


In conclusion, in current European market, fiberglass reinforced material is enjoying its revival. The future of the global composites market is bright. There is continuous demand for lightweight materials across all markets. Opportunities and risks are both existing, so the involvers must accept and overcome these chances to continue along the successful path.




The 2018 State of the Composites Industry Report, Composite Manufacturing


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