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Lightweight: a competitive property of GFRP, presenting one of the biggest challenging areas in the composites industry



GFRP (Glass-fiber reinforced plastics) is one of the most promising composite materials in the whole industry. The global glass fiber demand and capacity from 2012 to 2017 apparently increased (from Lucintel's industry report, Lucintel, a top management consulting and research firm). The total demand of GFRP in the European market experienced a small fluctuating process from 2006 to 2017. The lowest point was in 2009, influenced by financial crisis, down to 815 kilotons. Fortunately, in next decade the trending is positive and till 2017 the number has been 1,118 kilotons, almost nearly 40 percent in ten years.



Particularly, after 2007-2009's economic and financial crisis, European market is now enjoying its continuous recovery in many industries, such as the infrastructure and construction sector, wind power, transportation, and also electrical / electronics industry.


Among these sectors, lightweight construction and lightweight materials are popular to global buyers. There is an increased demand for lightweight materials across market segments for products as varied as large aerospace components and small customized consumer goods. Purchasers are more interested in lightweight construction as well as interior lightweight materials show better properties and more competitive price than other traditional ones.


AMBC Composite has realized this product as standard, and has developed its own standard pultruded profiles as well as a more marketable catalog: customized profiles, both of which have the characteristics of lightweight and other competitive properties. AMBC Composite is delegated to produce profiles that match all special requirements from clients. All fiber-glass reinforced plastics products or AMBC Composite are both high-qualified and cost-effective.




Website Materials Today and exhibition organizer Composite Europe also mentioned that lightweight construction represents one of the greatest opportunities and growth areas of the fiber composites industry. In the whole market, the largest buyers of GFRP components, continuous transport and construction markets. We can predict that several bridge purchasers will turn to look for more lightweight components that have been built and assembled for both pedestrian and bicycle bridges.


Mentioning bridge planks, it needs to indicate AMBC Composite's new series of product, InPlank Alpha, whose goal is to be the flagship in the bridge plank market. The main advantages of InPlank Alpha are simple connection due to its innovative design are raw material selection, polyurethane. In terms of simple connection, it is the core design concept or InPlank Alpha. Two separate planks can be easily assembled with fasteners and metallic gaskets. This will shorten the whole time or in assembling a large extent, Which Means less costs for purchasers and more sustainable for nature.


Secondly, AMBC Composite chooses polyurethane as resin to produce. InPlank Alpha is due to its properties which are better than polyester. It is known that polyester has the feature of lightweight, while polyurethane has advanced performance, holding more strength. Besides that, polyurethane has more characteristics which polyester can not reach, including higher performance on stiffness, lower emission and higher production speed, all of which is more sustainable and "greener". By applying advanced pultrusion process, polyurethane and fiber glass are mixing together, presenting their profiles. As the demand of lightweight component growing, AMBC Composite is committed to design more types of planks that benefit both market and nature.




Glass-fiber reinforced plastics is showing its competitive properties and attracting variety of purchasers in the Europe. Together with all its features, especially lightweight, glass-fiber reinforced plastics will be a unique internship in construction and infrastructure application in the coming future.





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