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What is InPlank Alpha


We name this new product "InPlank Alpha" due to its new design, advanced production line as well as its characteristics, and also, it is our first product of this series, that is why called "Alpha". 


"in" ----------   

International: We are an international team and we are professional engineers to design, develop and refine our every single product.

Innovation: With continuous inspirations from our team members, InPlank Alpha will be much more user-friendly through better composite materials selection and technology evolvement.

Infrastructure: This new plank product will be used mainly in the infrastructure industry, and the advanced composite planks will also become more eco-friendly to our community. 

Intelligence:   In the future, the world could be more intellligent with all high-tech applications. We are thinking about how to design a smarter shelf, which will be a sensor that can monitor performance of the bridge and degree of  attrition.






In the future, we will develop different series or planks for both bicycle and pedestrain bridges. Our aim is to produce the best composite planks, which have a higher performance as well as lower emission and higher production speeds. 





If you have any interest in InPlank Alpha, do not hesitate to fill in our contact form and let us know your demand.



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