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Why InPlank Alpha


We are dedicated to design and manufacture high-quality planks to our clients. As a result of innovation in both design and material selection, the properties or InPlank Alpha are more advanced and easier for assembling. 


Thus, its first feature is its simple connection.

Simple Connection





Simple connection is the core design concept of InPlank Alpha.

Two separate planks can be easily assembled with fasteners and metallic gaskets.   



Second is composite material we selected.



Normally, polyester resin is used to produce profiles for infrastructure, energy industry and other fields due to its features of lightweight, minimal maintenance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance.

Now, we choose polyurethane as resin to produce planks for bicycle and pedestrian bridge as it holds the same feature as polyester and besides that, polyurethane has advanced characteristics including higher performance on strength as well as stiffness, lower emission and higher production speed. 




  • InPlank Alpha

    InPlank Alpha

    For both bicycle bridge and pedestrian bridge. Simple connection is the core design concept

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    Standard Profiles

    Different types of standard profiles including FRP Rectangular Profile, FRP Gear Tube, FRP I Beam

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    Customized Profiles

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